Starting Prep

The journey to Prep is exciting for you and your children! At Elsternwick Primary School, we’re committed to ensuring all students have a smooth transition to school life where you and your child feel a part of our school community.

Key points:

  • Our school is zoned. Students who live in our zone are guaranteed a place at our school. Your school zone is available at
  • Victorian law states that children must attend school from the age of six. To enrol in a government school, a child must turn five before 30 April of the year they start school.
  • The information below is not exhaustive! Parents and carers receive enrollment and transition information during the process, and we’re always here to answer your questions — you can contact us at any time on (03) 8534 6100 or email us at
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Visit Elsternwick Primary School

Tour our school

Join us on a school tour to learn about all we can offer at EPS.

  • Tours start at 9:30 am and last for approximately one hour
  • They’re led by our Principal and supported by our student leaders
  • You’ll visit our classrooms, observe classes in progress, and tour our grounds and facilities.

Pre-school Explore and Play Sessions

Meet other parents/carers and their children for a play and a chat.

  • Hosted by our Assistant Principal and Inclusion Coordinator, and student wellbeing leaders
  • A pressure-free experience of life at EPS
Two boys in their school shirts standing next to a tree.

How do I know if my child is ready for Prep?

School readiness is a process that every child moves through at their own pace. Here are some helpful points to support your choice in deciding if your child is ‘school ready’:
  • Ability to use the bathroom, dress and eat independently
  • Able to communicate well and be able to express themselves
  • Can listen respectfully and cope with a structured environment
  • Have social skills that include being able to share and wait patiently for their turn
  • Ability to use classroom tools such as crayons, pencils and scissors
  • Show natural curiosity, interest and confidence in learning new things
  • Recognise and write some letters of their name
  • Can tell stories about events in their lives in sequence
  • Notices letters and words they see in the environment
  • Can talk about their favourite stories and describe characters and things that happen in the story
  • Know and talk about their age
  • Recognise some numbers
  • Count objects up to 10
  • Name common shapes and colours

How else might I know if my child is ready for school?

Your child’s kindergarten teacher is well-placed to understand your child’s development and school readiness, helping you make the best decision.

Some questions might include:

  • Is my child socially and emotionally ready for their first year of primary school?
  • Have my child’s communication and language skills developed sufficiently to navigate school?
  • Is my child prepared in all aspects of their development?

We’d be happy to chat with you about school readiness. Call us on (03) 8534 6100 or email us at

Transitioning to Prep

Before the Prep year starts

Once your child is offered enrolment at EPS, they will attend several transition sessions at the school.

  • All Prep students will be allocated into groups and met by our Year 5 students, who will take them to a Prep classroom.
  • Parents and carers stay at the school for parent sessions filled with valuable information.

Prep life in their first term

  • During the first part of Term 1, your child will attend school four days each week. Prep students don’t attend school on Fridays for the first four Fridays of the school year.
  • Your child will eat with their class, either in their classroom or outside. They will have a fruit snack mid-morning, recess and lunch.
  • Preps have their own space in the playground for recess and lunch outside time to help build confidence and friendships.
  • At the end of term 1, Preps are allocated Year 4 ‘buddies’. The goal is to develop relationships between the younger and older children, enhancing feelings of belonging and fostering a friendly and supportive school community. We take great care matching buddies, and the older buddy is provided with advice and buddy training!
Two girls in school uniforms crouching in the garden.
A group of children in green school uniforms posing for a photo.

Getting ready to enrol

You can find general information and resources about enrolling your child (including information in other languages) at a government school at the Department of Education’s website: Enrolling in Foundation (Prep).

We strongly encourage you to visit this page and read the information carefully. 

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