Beyond the classroom

Elsternwick Primary School facilitates extracurricular activities beyond regular classroom learning. These activities aim to enhance students’ experiences socially, academically, physically, creatively, and intellectually. 
These activities complement our regular school program and provide additional learning opportunities.

Key Points:

  • Though often happening outside the classroom environment, we think of all of our extracurricular offerings at EPS as an extension of educating and inspiring the whole child.
  • Our school camp program from Year 3, culminating in an exciting interstate Study Tour to Canberra in Year 6
  • Students can participate in inter-house and interschool athletics, cross-country, swimming, and other sporting events.
  • Music and drama clubs allow the children to perform at assemblies and events.
A group of girls posing for a picture.

House and inter-school sport

Students participate in Swimming (Years 4-6), Cross Country (Years 3-6) and Athletics (Years 4-6) Carnivals where they earn points for their Houses. Top competitors form school squads that compete at Balaclava District Sporting Carnivals. 

Students in Prep–2 participate in a tabloid sports carnival at the end of the year. The aim is maximum participation, energy and fun.

Students in Years 3 and 4 participate in weekly intra-school sports, while Years 5 and 6 students participate in inter-school sports as part of the Balaclava District Primary Schools’ Sports Association.

School Swimming Program

All Victorian schools must provide aquatic education. We outsource swimming instruction, and students are assessed and grouped to cater for all ability levels. All students from Prep to Year 6 have an equal opportunity to learn and practice swimming and aquatic skills.


A group of children are posing under a tent.
A group of boys in school shirts running.


Once a week, all students participate in a whole school run/walk for 20 minutes along a track around the school, where two laps are the equivalent of one kilometre. The number of laps the students complete is tallied weekly and recorded from Prep to Year 6, and students receive certificates or medals when they reach milestones.


Choirs and clubs

The Choir is open to Year 3-6 students, rehearsing weekly. Year 5/6 students can join the EPS Rock Band, where instrumentalists and vocalists come together and rehearse once a week. Drama Club is held fortnightly and run by the Year 6 Performing Arts Captains for students across the school. These groups focus on building collaborative skills, ensemble playing skills and performance confidence whilst allowing students the opportunity to perform at school assemblies and events.


A group of children standing next to a sign in a wooded area.
A group of people sitting on the floor in front of a large moon.

Camps and Excursions/Incursions

Excursions and incursions provide real-life opportunities to support and enhance our students’ learning, stimulating curiosity and wonder.

Camps and outdoor education help our students with independence, leadership, cooperation, tolerance and empathy towards others. They start in Year 3 and culminate in an exciting interstate trip to Canberra in Year 6 Study Tour.

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