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Years 1 & 2


In Years 1 and 2 students participate in Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop. During these sessions students practise independent and guided instruction. They learn to read and write different genres in line with our inquiry questions. Students build upon their decoding skills and comprehension strategies based on their level of need.


Maths workshops involve students practising number fluency as a whole before breaking off into exploration tasks. These tasks could include games, open-ended problem solving, and repetitive practice. The ‘Big Idea’ for Years 1 and 2 is place value and the base ten system with numbers ranging from zero to the thousands.

Tasks promote students thinking through justification in written and verbal form. Students apply their strategies to every day situations including measurement and geometry and statistics and probability.


Throughout the two years students inquire into topics such as Science, Geography, History, Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Cultural Studies. The students develop ‘wonderings’ and explore their understanding using their learning assets of being a self manager, communicator, collaborator, researcher and thinker.