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Year 4

In Grade Four, students are provided with increasing opportunities to take responsibility for their learning and demonstrate greater independence in their interactions with others. Students are now becoming more capable of concentrating for longer periods of time, and as such learning programs are created to build on foundational concepts and for students to find personal challenges in set tasks. Students are supported to further develop confidence about themselves, their learning and interactions with others through leadership programs including ‘Buddies’ and involvement with the Student Representative Council, as well as the opportunity to take part in a three day camp away from home.


In Reading, our focus is to develop the practice of shared reading and thinking about texts in collaborative discussions. During workshops a range of teaching models are explored such as, Guided Reading, Reciprocal Teaching, Independent Reading and Teacher conferencing. These sessions provide students with opportunities to develop their reading rigour as well as solve problems together and enrich their understanding by learning with and from one another.


Our emphasis during writing sessions is to explore the various structural and language features of genres, to develop students’ understanding of the purpose for writing. A continued focus will also include students refining their handwriting and book craft skills, as well as to investigate various spelling patterns through weekly spelling workshops.


An underlining feature of our Mathematics program is to develop students’ understanding of themselves as ‘Mathematicians,’ and further develop the qualities required to be mathematicians. Fostering the habits for students to explain their thinking and having them try to understand others, as well as showing their workings out in many ways, is also emphasised. Students embark on specific investigations into finding efficient strategies for computing equations and expanding their understanding of concepts including measurement, geometry, data, statistics and probability.


Inquiry learning offers students occasions to develop conceptual knowledge in areas such as Science, History, Geography and Civics and Citizenship, as well as to expand on the specific learner asset skills of being effective researchers, thinkers, communicators, collaborators and self-managers.


Students are also provided with a designated period of time each week where they put these skills into practise further and are ‘free’ to investigate something of their choice, this is called i-Time. Investigations may be in the form of a topic they want to find out more about or a skill they want to develop or a product they want to create. The content for i-Time may stretch across the curriculum and is a much loved part of the learning program.


Students attend a 3-day/2-night camp in Year 4. Further details on the camp program are provided here.