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Year 4 Buddy Program

 A positive start to school

The Buddy Program, where Prep students and Year 4 students are ‘buddied’ together and supported to establish friendships, is designed to promote a smooth transition for children starting school.

The goal is to develop relationships between the younger and older children, enhancing the sense of belonging, and creating a friendly and supportive school community.

There are benefits for both partners in the ‘buddy’ relationship. The Prep ‘buddy’ has an older peer and role model who can help them feel safe and comfortable in the playground. The grade four ‘buddy’ steps into a role which acknowledges and supports their developing leadership and fosters the growth of responsibility.

Great care is taken when matching buddies as temperaments, gender and a range of elements are taken into consideration. The older buddy is provided with advice and some ‘training’ on how to be a buddy. Teachers are always on hand to smooth relationships as needed, intent on ensuring the buddy experience is a happy one for all.

The Buddy program starts in late Term One with a picnic together and continues fortnightly in a 50 minute session timetabled for buddies to meet. The children participate in fun, student run and structured activities related to English, Mathematical and Inquiry focuses.