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Whole School Transition

At EPS, it is our priority that students are supported and given opportunities to feel safe, secure and connected to their new class grouping each year to enhance the start of the following school year.

At the end of every year, we coordinate a Whole School Transition Program for students entering Years 1 to 6 that takes place over three weekly sessions. These sessions begin in late November.

Designed to support the transition of students into their next year level, the program aims to build the relationship of the student to his/her whole year level cohort, new class grouping, teachers and learning environment.

Each session includes experiences to build relationships, set goals, get a glimpse of the learning to come and develop a sense of belonging to a learning community.

In the final Transition Session students meet their new class and teacher in their future learning space. To build a sense of ownership and belonging to their new class, students create a piece of artwork to be displayed in their new learning area for the start of the next school year.

Detailed information about the Elsternwick Primary School Whole School Transition Program is communicated to parents in early November via Newsletters and Konnective.