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Visual Art

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” 

Pablo Picasso
We have an exceptionally strong Visual Arts program at EPS that aims to open the eyes of its students to the wonders of art and to engage them in a broad range of arts experiences. In Visual Art, we focus on both art making and art appreciation.

There is an emphasis within the program to encourage individuality, to foster creative thinking and problem solving skills.  Students are provided with opportunities which encourage exploration of a range of art elements, such as line, colour, shape, pattern and texture, and experiment with a variety of media and materials across a range of art areas, such as drawing, painting, construction, collage, sculpture, textiles and printmaking.

Units of work generally support the inquiry units studied in the classrooms. In our well-resourced art room, students are provided with a variety of different tools and materials to create and make two and three dimensional works.

Students love art at EPS – not least because of the incredible things they are able to achieve, such as creating their own skateboard decks or creating enduring artwork for the school grounds – and are fortunate to receive a weekly hour long session of art every week.

All students are expected to have an art smock for their weekly 50 minute art session.


Teacher: Linda Taylor