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Student Attendance

School hours are from 9.00am to 3.30pm. All children of school age are required to be in full-time attendance. Teachers mark attendance rolls twice each day [am/pm].

Student Absences

If a student is unwell and will not be attending school please telephone the office to advise. A message will be put through to the appropriate classroom teacher. On return to school parents should send a note to the class teacher.

Late Arrivals

Parents/guardians must accompany students to the front office and sign a child arriving to school late in the Sentral system. The student will be given a late slip to take to class and give to the teacher.

Early Departures

If a student is leaving the school early a note should be sent to the classroom teacher that morning. The parent/guardian must come to the office to sign the student out before going to the classroom to collect the student.