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At EPS, our specialist subjects are recognised as a core part of student learning. Weekly sessions for every class in specialist subjects play a big part in making learning relevant, fun and interesting for all students.

In addition to various sport, art, music and intercultural programs that run throughout the year, EPS students are fortunate to have one session a week in the following specialist classes:

Visual Art

From Prep to Year 6, students are fully engaged with visual art at EPS, receiving a 50 minute session of art every week. Click here for more information.


We have embraced the Chinese culture at EPS, with weekly sessions for every class in Mandarin and an ongoing relationship with our Sister School in China. For more information about our Mandarin program, click here.


In addition to weekly classes in music, students can learn an instrument, join the Year 3/4 Choir or play in the Year 5/6 bands at EPS. Click here for more information about opportunities in music at EPS.

Physical Education & Sport

Students have a lot of opportunity to develop a love of physical activity and sport at EPS, thanks to our comprehensive and stimulating physical education and sport program. For more information, click here.