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In Prep our philosophy is to develop a sense of belonging, curiosity, and a passion for learning. The Prep year provides students with an opportunity to settle into the routines of school, learn foundational concepts which are built upon in later years, and establish relationships with fellow students and teachers.


Our overarching premise in Reading is for students to develop a love of books and to become confident readers. Daily Reader’s Workshops provide students with opportunities to learn foundational skills of how readers read texts, and time to explore how readers interact with and understand what they read. Each day students engage with texts at their level, and practise skills and concepts in reading.


In Writing, our focus throughout Prep is developing independent writers. Our Writer’s Workshops provide students with explicit instruction on the conventions of writing (e.g. left to right, spaces between words, full stops etc.), as well as an opportunity to explore different genres. Students have opportunities to practise their writing during independent writing time.


Developing a strong understanding of numbers is our focus in Maths. Initially our focus is numbers to 10, building up to numbers to 20 by the end of the Prep year. Through hands on learning tasks, and many games, we build these understandings. Our focus is to develop an ability to trust the count, and to gain a flexible understanding of and ability to work with numbers.


Inquiry learning is where we explore different topics, such as “How do things move?” or “What are things made of?”. Inquiry provides the avenue through which we develop key learning skills. Such skills include:

  • developing an understanding of what it means to be a self-manager and developing independence
  • learning how to communicate in a respectful manner with others
  • being a researcher, learning how to locate information on areas of interest
  • opportunities to collaborate with fellow classmates, and
  • articulating our thinking, and using a variety of thinking tools (e.g. spider diagrams, data charts, T charts, mind maps etc.) to record our understandings.