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We have a fun and inclusive approach to music at EPS, where all students are encouraged to give music a go.

Students from Prep through to Year 6 attend one session of music per week. Our music curriculum exposes students to different musical approaches and theories, with students given the opportunity in class to use different instruments to explore beat, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and other theory concepts.

Throughout the year, students are encouraged to perform in class and at assemblies. This improves their confidence, creativity and appreciation of performing to a large audience.

Whole year level performances also take place through the year and a Senior School Musical /End of Year Christmas Concert are held on alternating years.

The school has a well equipped music room, with a variety of instruments available to use during weekly music sessions, including recorders, xylophones, guitars, ukuleles, drums, keyboards and a piano.

Modern Vocal Group

The Year 3/4 Modern Vocal Choir consists of more than 50 students and rehearses once a week at lunchtime. It performs popular songs at assemblies and special events.

Year 5/6 Bands 

Students who play a musical instrument can audition to be part of a school band in Years 5 and 6. The EPS Bands incorporate a range of instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and keyboard.  Bands rehearse once a week. The students are encouraged to compose their own songs during band practice, and to perform at school events or assemblies.

Instrumental Lessons 

An instrumental music program is offered within the school, operated by Red Notes.

Instrumental lessons are offered as either private or group sessions.

Tuition in guitar, drums, percussion, saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone, keyboard and violin is available.

Lessons are held on Tuesdays. Grade 5 and 6 students may only have instrumental lessons during recess or lunch.

Tech Team 

As part of the ‘tech team’, students learn music industry skills like setting up a P.A system, rolling leads, setting up microphones, monitoring levels of instruments, and problem solving sound issues. The use of modern sound equipment like the Mackie DL 806 (which uses integrated IPad software) equips students with up to date skills and a platform for further learning in this area of music technology.

Dance and Drama

Dance and Drama are included in the Performing Arts program. Key skills are developed and explored when students perform in the school musicals and concerts, as well as in other class activities.

EPS also organises many performing arts incursions, where specialist artists come to the school to educate and entertain the students, from African drummers to puppeteers and circus entertainers.
Teacher: Ben Browne