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EPS Philosophy

Elsternwick Primary School (EPS) was established in 1888 and has a long and proud history of serving and educating the local community.

The school prides itself on innovative teaching and assessment that aims to cater to the individual learning needs of each child.

Our philosophy is built on the belief that students learn best when they have a strong sense of belonging to their classroom and school.

EPS students are encouraged to be active, to ‘have a go’ at new things and to challenge themselves in order to achieve personal excellence.

EPS Vision

At EPS, learning is a team effort. We aim to build caring and respectful relationships between school, students and families so that our young people develop resilience and independence, and so that they feel confident to take risks in order to achieve personal excellence.

We strive to cultivate an environment where learning is meaningful, collaborative and relevant; where curiosity is encouraged; and where young people create and produce work that matters to them and others.

EPS School Values

All activities at EPS are underpinned by our school values:

  • Responsibility: students are encouraged to be self-managers; to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves, for others and for their community.
  • Respect: students are supported to be collaborators and communicators; to develop an appreciation of their own self worth and that of others.
  • Personal excellence: students are challenged to strive for the highest personal achievement in all aspects of schooling and life-long learning.
  • Curiosity: students are inspired to become thinkers and researchers.