Whole School Transition

Goal: To strengthen the transition of students to their next stage of learning by providing a program that enables the students to feel familiar, safe, secure and connected to their new class teacher, grade cohort and learning space.

It is an Elsternwick Primary School priority that students are supported and given opportunities to feel safe, secure and connected to their new class grouping to enhance the start of the following school year.


This year the Elsternwick Primary Whole School Transition Program for students entering years 1 to 6, will take place over three days.

There will be two Transition days where students spend half a day in the next year level in a range of rooms and meet the teachers, and one full STEP UP day where students are allocated to their 2018 Class and spend the day with their 2018 teacher and classmates.

The first half day Transition will be Monday 20th November from 11.10 – 3pm. The second half day Transition will be Wednesday 29th November from 9.30 – 12.50pm. The Step Up Day will be on Tuesday 19th December from 9.30 – 2.45pm.

Each session will include experiences to build relationships, set goals, get a glimpse of the learning to come and develop a sense of belonging to a learning community. 

Detailed information about the Elsternwick Primary School Whole School Transition Program will be communicated to parents in early November via Newsletters, Konnective and the School Website.

Cheryl Clarke

Whole School Transition Coordinator

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