Whole School Transition

Transition for students moving into Years 1 – 6 in 2019. All students will spend a few sessions over two days to support their transition into their next year level.

All students will spend one full ‘STEP UP’ day in their 2019 class with their 2019 teacher and classmates.

The Transition program has been designed with the intent of building the relationship of the student with his/her new teacher, class grouping, whole cohort group and learning environment.

Transition Day 1 – Thursday, 15th November from 9.00am – 10.40am

Transition Day 2 – Friday, 30th  November from 9.00am –  12.45pm

  • Over these two days, students will spend sessions working with teachers in classrooms from their 2019 year level.
  • Teachers are planning an exciting program which will see students move from classroom to classroom for different learning experiences.
  • Sessions in core subjects and experiences to have fun and build relationships will be part of an enjoyable day.

Step Up Day is THURSDAY, 20th December from  9.00am – 3.00pm

  • All students will spend the day with their 2019 teacher and classmates in their new classroom.
  • They will experience a typical day in the life of a student from the new level with sessions in reading, writing, mathematics and more.
  • Students may take part in creating a whole class artwork ready to display in the classroom to welcome them back to school in 2019.
  • Students will have the chance to ask questions about their coming year, set goals for their future learning and share a letter they have written to their new teacher to introduce themselves.
  • Students will bring home a Mini Newsletter from their new class teacher with important information about the first week of school in 2019.
  • Students will be back in their 2018 classroom by 3.05pm.


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